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McAfee Secure vs ScanSafeguard

Scan Safe Guard provides excellent features at a much lower cost than McAfee
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Safe Guard
McAfee Secure BBB TRUSTe
Annualized Cost$499.95 $1895 $450 to $7500 $650 to $13000
No Hassle SignupYesNoNoNo
Quick ApprovalYesNoNoNo
Daily Security Vulnerability AssessmentsYesYesN/AN/A
PCI Compliance scanning4YesYesN/A N/A
CISSP Security Certified SupportYesYes N/A N/A
Security Seal2YesYes N/AN/A
Easy SignupYesNoNoNo
Increases Customer Conversion YesYesYesYes
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You probably have looked at McAfee Secure (formerly Hacker Safe) and were curious if you could get affordable daily security vulnerability scanning with a seal. Scan Safe Guard offers better pricing than Hacker Safe and will help keep your site secure, all with great customer service! Scan Safe Guard offers a comprehensive daily scan like McAfee Secure to ensure your website is secure and ready for business. Scan Safe Guard also offers PCI Compliance certification.

Our security seal is clickable and introduces to your customer the Scan Safe Guard service, designed to help them feel comfortable doing online business with you.

Daily Scanning provides continual coverage. Don't pay too much, get the quality you deserve at an affordable price!